What is a Street Rod?

According to Wikipedia.com, street rods are a” very popular branch of hot rodding. Contrary to the implications of the term hot rod, street rods are a mix of hot rods, custom cars, and modern Detroit cars. Emphasis is on high-quality custom paint jobs, comfortable interiors, and modern engines and running gear. As specified by the NSRA (National Street Rod Association), a street rod must be based on any automobile design manufactured prior to 1949. For later vintage vehicles used as a basis for a similar project car, the term street machine is often used.”

There seems to be a bit of confusion between the terms street rod and hot rod. There’s even a rat rod to throw into the mix. Though today’s post is focusing on the definition of a street rod, we will feature posts that define hot rod and rat rods. Stay tuned to find out the difference!

Street rods are, in fact, hot rods. As Wikipedia stated, street rods are pre-1949. If it was made after 1949, it’s considered a hot rod or custom. One might now say, “what is a custom?” The brief explanation? A custom car is a passenger vehicle that has been majorly modified. There are two different ways to customize a car. Don’t worry. We will also feature an upcoming post on custom cars, as well! The world of hot rods, street rods, and customs are complicated, but fun! Once you understand all the differences, there’s nothing to it!

Street rods have that old time- competition feel,  but is primarily, a nice hot rod driver. It’s been modified to drive smoothly, as a newer car would. Yes, it could pass for a street car BUT, street rods still have the loud exhaust and fast engines. It’s almost like the best of both worlds!

What is your preference? Custom Works by Michael’s passion is street rods and customs. Hot rods, classics, and muscles are important, but we love our street rods!

Take a look at our street rod shop photo gallery. You’ll find that our work portfolio is diverse in makes and models. We love them all! If you’re interested in talking with us about building a street rod or hot rod, be sure to contact us! Our western NC street rod shop is located in Bostic NC. We hope to hear from you soon!

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