Paint and Body Work

Our expert paint and body guy, Jon Smith, is certified as a DuPont painter. He is a perfectionist and has a great eye.

All projects start from the metal or fiberglass up. The paint job is only as good as what lies beneath it. Jon is a real stickler for doing things by the book. Each step is critical as to how the end product turns out. It also determines how long the paint job lasts.

We also do our own water sanding and buffing. No matter how good it looks when it comes out of the paint booth, it is not finished until the water sanding and buffing is complete. That’s just how it is!!

Just as there are levels of building cars and trucks, there are different levels of paint and body. The cold hard facts are: the better it is, the more it costs. Flawless finishes do not come from the end of a paint gun. Look at new vehicles and you will see. It takes endless hours of work and prep to create a Flawless finish.

For paint and body work questions, feel free to call us at Custom Works by Michael.

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