Frequently Asked Questions About Collision Repair in NC

Collision repair in NC seems to pose a few confusing questions, when it comes to dealing with insurance companies, quotes, and who can fix it. Custom Works by Michael, a preferred  hot rod and collision repair shop in Bostic NC, hopes to to help clear the confusion.

Frequently asked questions about collision repair in NC:

Do I have to get 3 estimates after an accident?


There is no collision repair in NC law that requires you to get an estimate; especially not 3 different ones.

Do I have to use my auto insurance company’s preferred collision repair shop in NC?


Insurance companies can only recommend their preferred shop. They cannot require you to use it. You have the right to use any available collision repair shop in the area.

Should I have to pay the full amount the auto insurance company says to get my car repaired?

 It is up to the collision repair shop  you use, as to whether you will pay the full amount for repairs.

Do keep in mind, auto insurance company’s estimates are designed to allow auto repair shops to do quality work. If you owe money on your car  your financial institute will require the car to be repaired properly.

How can I get the repair process started quickly?

Take your car to the shop in which you wish to do the repairs.  Let them know which auto insurance company you use. Then, call your insurance company and let them know where your car is. 

We hope that these frequently asked questions about collision repair in NC will help you, should you get involved in an car accident. Custom Works by Michael is here to help you get your car repaired in a timely manner. If you’d like to speak with us about collision repair in NC, feel free to call or email us at any point!

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