Frame-Off Restoration: A note from our valued client!

 “My wife purchased our 1965 Ford F-100 Step-side to save our Lexus from the back road gravel and mud associated with trout streams; trout fishing being a pursuit and passion since childhood.  Long story short, time takes its toll, and our truck was no exception.  It developed numerous mechanical and safety issues.  More gas spilled onto the manifold than into the carburetor, breaking became difficult at best, and the electrical systems developed some sensitivity at the most inopportune times!

I met Michael Blanton in March of 2011.  His brother-in-law, a Ford dealer, located in western North Carolina, connected us, when I decided I’d prefer my old 65 to a new F-150.  For me, new vehicles all look relatively the same and our 65’ F-100 seemed more unique.  I could visualize something beautiful beyond the rust and rotten bed wood.  When we met, he asked me if I desired a show piece or a driver.  In so many words I explained a show piece begged to be driven.  He smiled at my reply; we shook hands understanding I’d pay as we went, and so it began.

 Over an eleven month period Custom Works by Michael completed a frame-off restoration of our truck.  As you can see from the pictures, their workmanship and attention to detail are second to none.  Michael executed my vision of what this truck without compromise.  He delivered it to me at the Ford F-Series National Competition where it was awarded best in class; F-100 1961 through 1966!

If you choose to engage Michael for your restoration project, be prepared to be engaged!  When complete, your vehicle will be a unique reflection of you!  As talented and educated as he is mechanically, Michael’s greatest gift is collaboration.  He is an attentive listener and while he will provide needed feedback and suggestions, it’s your project.   In terms of integrity, accountability, innovative thought and problem solving, and customer centricity, Custom Works by Michael is second to none.” 

1965 Ford F-100 Off-Frame Restoration |  Custom Works by Michael

Owners: John & Karen Wittman

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