Here at Custom Works, we are a small operation, but we turn out a lot of work. We keep 4 to 7 projects going all the time. We are always busy. Most complete builds or restorations are turned out in one year or less. Of course, it all depends on how involved the build is as well as, how nice you want it. And, how much money you are willing to spend. Our standards will not allow us to do a so called “cheap” job. When it goes out our door, we have signed our name to it. If it is about how cheap you can build it we are not the people you want to deal with.

Also, we are not a fancy shop, with with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. We do have the things we need, to get the jod done, and the knowledge to do it.  I have what I consider a gift. A gift of being able to see a finished car or truck, before we ever begin. Whether it’s an antique, streetrod, hotrod, classic car, or muscle car, I can envision it. I believe each vehicle, especially the rods and customs, take on their own personality, as soon as you start the build. It is OK, not to know everything  to start with. You need a plan. You need a vision. And then you need to go with the flow that the project is taking you. I just told a friend today that if I listen to what the car is telling me, during the build process, it will turn out to be an awesome ride.

I love working with my customers, bouncing ideas back and forth, and coming up with what is right for their build. Also, I will tell you if I think you are heading in the wrong direction. Even more, I want you to tell me if there is anything thing that you don’t like.

One thing is for sure. Given the opportunity, we can build you as nice of a car or truck as you want. I eat, sleep, and breath these cars. My wife says, even when I am at home I can always find something about cars on TV. And she is right, “of course”! I try to look at each project as if it were my own, and if so; how would I like for it to end up?

Michael Blanton – Owner, Custom Works by Michael