What is a Frame-off Restoration?

Those not fully familiar with the ins and outs of car restorations might not have a clue that there are different ways to restore a car or truck. Today, we will focus on frame-off restorations.

Car Restoration NC: A detailed look at Frame-off restoration.

By definition, a frame-off restoration is a full restoration of a classic car. Every nut and bolt on the car has been restored or replaced. The body of the car is physically removed from the frame. Every single component of the classic car or truck is cleaned, prepped, and restored, while it’s off the frame.

In addition, all suspension parts are replaced with new ones. They also get a fresh coat of paint or they’re powder coated.  Exhaust systems are replaced with new aluminized or stainless steel systems.  Body mounts and suspension bushings are replaced with new rubber or polyurethane.

Some frame off restorations feature floor pans. These pans are painted the same color as the body. In addition to the undercarriage, the engine, interior, and trunk will all be restored to the highest quality. These cars may represent as much as 1,000 to 2,000 hours of labor.

Frame-off restorations are beautiful, show-stoppers that tend to get attention, wherever they go. They are also much harder to maintain than a typical frame-on restoration or custom.  The frame and undercarriage can demand hours of cleaning each week. Frame-off restorations are not new, though many of the components have been replaced and upgraded. Frame-off restorations are in fact, only restored; not newly built. Because of this, things can happen. The best frame-off car restoration can throw a belt or have a water pump go out. Regular care and maintenance is required to keep the restoration in great condition.

Car Restoration NC | Custom Works by Michael

If you’re thinking of restoring a car and would like to talk more with Custom Works by Michael about frame-off restorations, contact us. We will also be happy to help you keep your frame-off restoration maintained and conditioned. For a look at our current and past projects, be sure to visit our work gallery.

Take a look at our most current complete, frame-off restoration, a MG TC, bought in England 45 years ago. As we finish the car, we will feature it in an upcoming post! Stay tuned!

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